School Values

Stanhope Primary School believes that we should all be Lifelong Learners. This sits at the core of all that we do at Stanhope Primary School.

The values of Citizenship, Learning, Respect and Success support this focus and are embedded across all aspects of the school.

Success: Striving for excellence through persistence, resilience and self-belief.

Learning: Optimising learning experiences aligned to individual learning styles and abilities to build capacity to reach our full potential.

Citizenship: working in partnership with the community to build collaborative links for the future. Creating connections within our school community,  and others as supporters of our students’ success.

Respect: Is inclusive and acknowledges the contributions of all others. Effectively utilises the range of backgrounds, skills, knowledge and capabilities of our community. Reflects and considers the impact of their actions on others.

Our motto is, ‘Inspiring lifelong learning’

Stanhope Primary School is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and safe learning environment, where our children are protected from abuse and there is zero tolerance to abuse of any kind, where we maximise individual academic and social growth through explicit teaching and taking responsibility for all our learning.

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