Principal’s Message

At Stanhope Primary School we have the motto, ‘Inspiring Lifelong Learners’. We believe that we should all be lifelong learners, not just for the time we spend in formal education, but we should be open to all types of learning throughout our lives.

Our core school values centre around Lifelong Learning and encompass Learning, Success, Respect and Citizenship. These values underpin all aspects of our work in and around our school and community. 

We employ a range of positive behaviour strategies to develop confidence in students and their families and to enhance the ability to be resilient in the face of challenge. We are pro-active in dealing with bullying and cyber-bullying through the use of programs such as School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS), Respectful Relationships, eSmart.and Bullystoppers programs. 

At Stanhope Primary School, we  are focussed on improving student outcomes through high quality, explicit teaching and learning strategies. We engage with a range of other professional organisations to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to meet the needs of the whole student. 

 The safe and effective use of devices and technology, is embedded into our daily curriculum and reinforced through our involvement in eSmart and other cyber aware programs.

Transition occurs at all stages across the school including Kindergarten and Year 6 to 7. Our year 6 transition program prepares our students for secondary school life and celebrates student achievement with a graduation ceremony. 

We regularly acknowledge and celebrate student achievement and success at our weekly school assemblies, to which our broader school community is invited to attend.

We are proud of our history, and look forward to an exciting and successful future for all our students through the excellent education they receive at our school.

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